Our Concrete Process

3D Concrete Design follows a standardized process that has worked for years to ensure your project is completed correctly, on time, and with the utmost satisfaction of our customers. This is what you can expect when working with us. Our concrete process will assist you in understanding the entire process.

Request an Estimate

A member of our staff will contact you to schedule time to meet, during this meeting you will learn about design ideas and get an understanding of the services we can provide. 3D Concrete Design will deliver an estimate/proposal for the work.


Once you have time to review the proposal, we will answer any questions you may have. Once the proposal is approved, the homeowner will be responsible for securing the appropriate village permits for the project. 


3D Concrete Design provides easy access to learn about your Village‚Äôs permit requirements. Please Click here to follow your village permit process.


3D Concrete Design will arrange all inspections required by your village or township and ensure the project passes inspections and designs. Once final inspections have past, we will finalize time frames to complete the project.

Time Frames

Project time frames will be determined by the size of the project. Keep in mind, weather and inspection schedules may be factors in the duration of each project. Our objective is to make this process as easy and simple as possible for our clients.


Lastly, make sure to keep your concrete work looking like new by power washing and sealing your flatwork annually. 3D Concrete Design offers these services for a nominal fee. Click Here to learn more. Pricing is dependent on the size of your area in need. Call us for a free estimate.

Request a Free Estimate Today

It’s easy to request a free estimate from 3D Concrete Design. Simply give us a call at (847) 297-7968 or click here to fill out our online request form.


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